Computer Services Information for Students


Please read the information below carefully as this information will be important during your studies at TUS.


Computer Services Department


Computers and Information Technology (IT) will play an important role during your time as a student. Many aspects of your life as a student will involve some IT: in the classroom, in the library, in the Computer Centre, in fact all over the campus. This section is a brief guide to help you get started with the different elements of IT that you will meet.


IT Helpdesk Service


The Computer Services Helpdesk is located in the main Computer Centre on the Moylish Park campus. Any computer related problems that you encounter such as issues with logons, printing, Wi-Fi connectivity or computer applications should be reported to the Helpdesk

Calls can be logged via email, through the Student Portal, or by phone. Alternatively, you can use the Freshservice portal site or app to log issues.



Phone:   061-293100


Open Access Computers


In addition to computer labs which are used for teaching, there are hundreds of computers provided on the TUS campuses for student use. These can be used at any time and are on a first-come, first- served basis. The main concentration of these is in the Computer Centre, Campus Libraries, and the Student’s Union building.


Campus Computer Log-on


Once you have successfully registered, a user account is automatically created for you within 72 hours after registration.  This allows you to log in to any of the student computers around the Institute, including the Computer Centre, Library, and any of the various computer labs.


You need to enter the following details to login to a TUS PC

Username:   KNumber/ FNumber

Password:   By Default, this is your date of birth in the format DDMMYYYY (example 01012000)


However, you must change your password after your first login to ensure account security in line with TUS security policy.



TUS Moodle


Moodle is an online learning environment, and a central space for all Student links via the Student Portal. From your Dashboard you can access:


  • Module Content 
  • Submit projects and coursework
  • Complete quizzes, continuous assessment, or end of term exams
  • Access course notes and past exam papers
  • The Student Portal


You can access Moodle at 


Username: / 

Password:   Current password



Your new TUS Moodle and Email account will require additional security configuration before use. Multi-Factor Authentication or MFA is a method that is used to verify your identity when signing into your account to ensure data safety. You must therefore configure your account with the Microsoft Authenticator App. Please refer to the MFA Configuration article in the CSD Solutions


Once logged in you should find 


  • Your list of already enrolled courses which will be displayed on your Moodle Dashboard under the course overview. If you find you are not auto-enrolled, please log a call with the Helpdesk. 
  • Access to Quality, Teaching and Learning which contains student information and resources
  • The Student Portal


The Student Portal

The Student Portal displays a selection of tiles that lead to services you will be required to use, alongside other invaluable resources you may need during your time as a learner in TUS. 


The most important include the following:


 Outlook Email Account


Username: / 

Password:   Current password


The main method of formal communication between TUS and student will be email. Please ensure to regularly check your student email for correspondence from your lecturer, and other TUS related activities and news. Please take time to familiarize yourself with this, and customize the display to suit your needs. 




Microsoft Teams

Teams is used by lecturers to communicate, and teach remotely, as well as share class documentation and organize class exams and other projects. You will be automatically enrolled into all relevant class Teams based on your registration status. If you come across any error please contact the Helpdesk. 


Office 365


The Office 365 tile will direct you to deeper account management, and access to free word processing software during your time in TUS. Feel free to install Word, PowerPoint and Excel on up to 5 devices – Please note, you will need to sign in to the documents with your TUS email to validate the license. 


Resetting Your Password



In Microsoft Outlook navigate to Profile – My Account - Security & Privacy and change the password.
Please also make sure your new password is long and secure (8 characters or more + a number + a special character (!$%&*)



Banner Self-Service and Examination

Username: KNumber (Uppercase K) / FNumber (Uppercase F) PIN: Current PIN


If you are completing a course of study which involves examination or continuous assessment by TUS, your results will be released through the Student Record System “Banner Student Self Service”. This is accessible from Results will be available to view on the date specified by the Institute Examinations Department. Visit the TUS website for details.


You can also pay fees and register for Exam here. 


A username and PIN will be required to view your results. Your username is your K-number. Your PIN will be emailed to you upon registration before your exam results are released.

*Please Note – The PIN is NOT the password associated with your email / log-in* 


Wi-Fi Network

Username: /

Password : Current password


TUS provides eduroam (Educational Roaming) as the wireless network for students. This service allows registered students access to the Internet and online college resources using their personal laptops or Smart devices from numerous locations on the TUS campuses. (Not eduroam set-up).



Printing Services

TUS maintains a fleet of dedicated multi function print devices across its campuses, dedicated to students.  In larger areas such as the Computer Centre and the Library, there are multiple devices to cope with volume.  Students can send print jobs to these print devices from any student PC on campus, all jobs go to a central print queue and stay there until you approach one of these print devices, log on, and pull your print job to it.  These print devices also have copy and scan to email functionality.



TUS Website


The TUS Website is a source of general information for prospective and current students providing

programme details, latest news, information on student life, available facilities, useful links and much more. Most importantly for current students, the TUS Website provides a gateway to many important TUS resources with links to Moodle, Library Website, Careers Service, etc.


If you have any other questions, please contact the IT Helpdesk.



Tel:          353 61 293100



The following guide will show how to setup the Microsoft Authentication App on your mobile phone, and pair with your college Outlook Account. 

You will be challenged to do this set-up, even onsite if you have not done so already.

Please Note – Android 6.0 / iOS 11.0 minimum required Mobile Phone Operating Systems 

On your phone, Go to the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play-store (Android) and search for the Microsoft Authentication App – Click Install

On a Separate Device – Laptop / Desktop PC, go to and proceed to either the Staff or Student portal 

Sign in with your college email, and password

You will now be presented with the following message – Click Next

Tick the box to Receive Notification for Verification 

Click ‘Set-up’ and notice the Displayed QR code on the next Page

On you Mobile Phone – Open the Microsoft Authentication App and Agree to the Term and Conditions 

Next, Select ‘Add Account’ and choose ‘Work or School Account’


 Select ‘Scan a QR Code

Using the Mobile Phone – Scan the QR Code displayed on your Laptop or PC screen 

On the Laptop  / PC - Click ‘Next’ and ‘Done’

You will now get a notification on you Mobile Phone in the form of a pop-up message (like a text) asking for approval. Select ‘Approve’ and enter either your Biometric finger print or Phone security PIN


Note – This process is only required once for initial phone set-up. Any subsequent college logins with only require the approval on the mobile pop-up notification.

If the Scan Function does not work you may already have an Account /Multiple Accounts set up in the Microsoft Authentication App 

  • Click into the Account
  • Go to the Account Settings (Small ‘Gear’ Symbol – Top Right) 
  • Remove the Account. 
  • Close the App 
  • Reopen and re-add the Account following the steps outlined above.