Connecting to the TUS VPN with Multi Factor Authentication

(Your Office 365 account must have MFA enabled with the authenticator app working on your phone)

Step 1: (If you already have the forticlient installed, skip this step)

For instructions on downloading and installing the Forticlient VPN client, follow the guide here.

Step 2:

Open the Forticlient and click on the 3 bars icon on the right hand side and select "Add a New Connection"

Step 3:

Enter the following details

Remote Gateway: TFA.LIT.IE

Customize Port: Checked and enter 10443

Username: Enter full email address

Click Save

Step 4: 

Select the connection from the top drop down list and enter your password.

The VPN connection will progress to 45%, at which stage an approval notification will be sent to your Phone from the Microsoft Authenticator App. Once this is approved, the progress will continue until 98% and completion.