The following guide will show how to setup the Microsoft Authentication App on your mobile phone, and pair with your college Outlook Account. 

You will be challenged to do this set-up, even onsite if you have not done so already.

Please Note – Android 6.0 / iOS 13.0 minimum required Mobile Phone Operating Systems 

On your phone, Go to the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play-store (Android) and search for the Microsoft Authentication App – Click Install

On a Separate Device – Laptop / Desktop PC, go to and proceed to either the Staff or Student portal 

Sign in with your college email, and password

You will now be presented with the following message – Click Next

Tick the box to Receive Notification for Verification 

Click ‘Set-up’ and notice the Displayed QR code on the next Page

On you Mobile Phone – Open the Microsoft Authentication App and Agree to the Term and Conditions 

Next, Select ‘Add Account’ and choose ‘Work or School Account’


 Select ‘Scan a QR Code

Using the Mobile Phone – Scan the QR Code displayed on your Laptop or PC screen 

On the Laptop  / PC - Click ‘Next’ and ‘Done’

You will now get a notification on you Mobile Phone in the form of a pop-up message (like a text) asking for approval. Select ‘Approve’ and enter either your Biometric finger print or Phone security PIN


Note – This process is only required once for initial phone set-up. Any subsequent college logins with only require the approval on the mobile pop-up notification.

If the Scan Function does not work you may already have an Account /Multiple Accounts set up in the Microsoft Authentication App 

  • Click into the Account (
  • Go to the Account Settings (Small ‘Gear’ Symbol – Top Right) 
  • Remove the Account. 
  • Close the App 
  • Reopen and re-add the Account following the steps outlined above.