TUS users can change their computer passwords at any time through Office 365 (assuming they have registered for MFA with the Authenticator app).


Follow these instructions:

  1. Log onto Office 365 as normal.
  2. Click the Settings wheel in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Click Change your password (as shown below)




  1.  The screen to the right will appear– enter your current password, the password you wish to update to, and confirm again.




Please note that TUS password policies will force you to enter a unique password you have not used before. Passwords should be secure, with a mixture of upper & lowercase characters, numbers and symbols. It is good practice not to use any recognisable names or phrases that can be easily guessed.


Also note that by changing your password in Office 365, you must now use this same new password anywhere you would have used this computer password before (e.g. A computer on campus, Wi-Fi on campus, Library applications etc).